A Day Visit to Maumau caves in Nanyuki

Tacked in deep the dense Mount Kenya forest is an open out to a beautiful waterfall and and a massive pass through rocks on the Burguret river.

The Mau Mau caves are well known for their historical significance and have stood the test of time as a solemn reminder of the colonial Empire’s bloodiest war, & most significant step during Kenya’s fight and struggle for independence.

The Mau Mau freedom fighters used these epic caves to store their supplies as well as it also acted as a hideout zone from the colonial forces led by the British and the collaborators during the emergency period in between 1952-1960 before Kenya attained it’s indepedence.

Today the caves offers a variety of attractions such as the indigenous forest full of the Columbus monkey and a variety of birdlife. There leading trail to the caves are good for cycling and at times hiker get an upclose view of Jumbos, buffaloes, waterbucks, dikdiks etc.

Getting there:
We will drive from Nairobi/Nanyuki to Trout Tree restaurant situated along Nyeri – Nanyuki highway where our hike begins.
The 8.2KM trail begins at the Trout Tree restautant and takes you through the wild bushes and relatively short indigenous trees teeming baboons, birds and other wildlife.

On arrival, a swaying footbridge leads you to the shallow cave mostly made up of a large sheltered space.

Relax and have fun with your friends, you can also enjoy a swim in these scary cold waters of Burguret river.

Once done with the caves, take a short hike to the top of the rock cliff and enjoy a magnificent view of the waterfall.

Hiking Distance: 14KM (To and From)
Hiking Duration: 5-6hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Guides fee: Ksh 3,000

Kenya Forest Service Entrance fee: Citizens/Residents-Ksh 232 and Non resident-Ksh 698 (Payable via Mpesa Paybill Number: 770258
Account number: 130113

For guided walks contact our office on +254(0)745025260 or +254(0)780773284 (Charles)

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